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Platforma22 ltd. is a company for development and investments. Our work is recognized through visible results on the field, public awards and acknowledgments. Our most famous projects are the revitalization of Sibenik fortresses, which is only a small part of our story about project development. Platforma22 experts have experience in preparing and managing more than 80 mil € projects portfolio. Private and public sector work experience gives us a special perspective in solving problems.
We are taking into account all aspects that affect the project: budget, financing rules, public procurement, quality and content of the project, cost effectiveness and projects sustainability. Our way of working is problem solving. Our goal is to lower client’s risk, decrease client’s project work load and offer solutions, with special focus on complex problems. Below we are listing a few of our most common services to give some idea of what we do. Our approach to providing good services is to understand what the client really needs and tailoring our work accordingly.

What we do

Publicly funded projects development

We provide support in project development and implementation. At the early project phase, we help to formulate a project in order to meet end user’s needs, financing institutions requirements and investor capabilities. Special attention is devoted to investment justification, results sustainability and project feasibility.
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Development of investment projects

In the preparation and development of the site / project / investment we can provide a trusted team of experts from different areas: urbanists, architects, civil engineers, surveyors, attorneys, tax consultants and accountants to respond to all challenges.

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